Thought 1..

The past year, i moved houses twice. And with new flatmates each time. I got to live with two different sets of people, the first house being a paying guest facility, with the landlady and 3 other girls in the house. These girls were all freshers starting a new job in Mumbai. Currently, i stay with a couple of girls who have been in the city for more than two years now, working in reputed companies.

Living with a variety of people lets you hear different views. Hear different life stories. These girls are all from different states and have had a variety of upbringings. But one view runs common- A job is a privilege given by their respective families to these girls. Along with the right to live in a different city on their own. Along with the privilege of an education. But it is only a means to an end. Marriage. An end leading to a new beginning. The money earned on the job is being saved today,  to pay for wedding expenses. No the money being earned is not being used to lead a better life. To improve the standard of living. Life pretty much revolves around fasting once or twice a week,  cooking and learning to cook better, getting up early, making breakfast and lunch and coming back home and making dinner(shaadi ke baad toh yeh sab karna hi padega, aadat abhi se rahegi to achcha hai – will anyhow have to cook for the whole family after marriage, might just as well get used to it now) and work (only for the paycheck),a life of routine. Freedom does not mean using it. Freedom is a privilege. Hence it should be respected and treated with care. Those who do become reckless (drink/smoke or get into multiple relationships or even a live-in relationship) are gossiped about, and are treated with contempt. ‘The freedom has gone to their heads’ or ‘Misusing all the privilege they have in life’

Why is working treated like a privilege in the first place? They worked hard in school, in college and got a job. They are here, living off themselves. The chains that bind them are so strong that they fail to realize that if they want, their lives could be their own. But then that would make them ‘spoilt, bad’ girls and hence they cant have that.

Why doesnt education change this thinking? Internet provides avenues and scope for awareness. But i don’t know how to change this thinking since nothing seems to be working. Education or financial independence or awareness.